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Action Alert: Stop the Navy Expansion on Whidbey Island

No New Jets, No New Flights. Here is what you can do now to stop the Navy expansion on Whidbey Island.

1. Save the Date. Sound Defense Alliance Campaign Kickoff event is set for October 3. We are planning a set of events around the region. Be part of the Whidbey one in Coupeville. Details of time and place will follow. For now, please save the date, and start talking to your friends and neighbors to be sure they come with you.

2. Got kids? Please bring your kids and their friends to the kickoff event on Oct. 3. We want to show the impact of the expansion on our entire community.

3. Got Flights overhead? When the jets fly, please go outside and record them on your phone and post that to Facebook. www.facebook/ Many don’t realize how bad the noise problems are. We can show them! Please keep your videos short (30 seconds max).

4. Write and call your elected officials. Share your personal story and ask them to take a lead on finding an alternative site for the new Growler jets.

Thanks for your involvement! Together we can have an impact. See you October 3.

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