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The Impact of Accident Potential Zones on Central Whidbey

Most people do not realize that the Growler Expansion will result not only in a loss of property value, but in a loss of property rights.

The proposed increase in operations will likely require the establishment of APZs around Outlying Field Coupeville, with locations yet to be determined. Establishment of APZs in Central Whidbey will result in loss of property rights and property value - as $1.3 billion worth of property lies beneath the noise contours. Numerous existing residences and public services are incompatible with APZs. How Island County will approach APZs, and who will pay for the loss of property rights and value has yet to be determined.

Check out our fact sheet page for the fact sheet on APZs to become more informed.

Make sure that your electeds (County Commissioners, State Representatives and Senator, Congressman and Senators) know you are concerned about APZs, and ask them how Island County, the State and Federal governments are going to approach APZs.

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